Melasma treatment

“I have been using Elan Medical Skin Clinic’s DermaActive range religiously for over 6 months now. My skin has never been so clear, healthy looking and blemish free. I also use their pressed mineral foundation, which is the best I have ever used. Over the years I have spent hundreds of pounds on creams, lotions and potions - none of which ever did any good. The DermaActive range is effective and I will now use nothing else on my skin. Thank you Sue.”

Treatment Received : Treatment for Melasma

In the past, pigmentation problems caused by regular sun exposure, hormonal changes, stress and environmental pollution have been very difficult to treat. At Elan Medical Skin Clinic in Essex, our award-winning nurse consultant in dermatology uses a highly effective treatment programme to reduce the signs of photodamage and ageing that result in fine lines, age spots, skin laxity, an uneven, dull complexion and hyperpigmentation.

Melasma is a common skin condition that causes the appearance of brown to gray-brown patches of skin due to the body producing too much melanin, a natural substance that gives colour to our hair, skin, and eyes. It usually appears on the face, although it can also develop on the forearms and neck.

Melasma can affect anyone, but people with darker skin tones, including those of Latin, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and North African descent, and people with a family history of melasma are more likely to suffer from the condition. More than 6 million women are estimated to have melasma, while only 10% of melasma sufferers are men.

How long will it take before I will notice a difference in my skin?

You will receive a thorough consultation before you begin the treatment programme. At the start of the programme, a set of pre-treatment photographs will be taken. Results start to appear around 6 weeks into the programme, although it can take up to 16 weeks for the full effects to be seen.

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Please note that this skin system contains prescription only products that are able to produce radical changes in the skin. In the first few weeks of treatment it is quite normal to experience skin that is high in colour (pink), tenderness, irritation and peeling of the skin. However these symptoms normally resolve within 2-4 weeks, revealing younger, healthier looking skin.

Treatment results can be maintained using the Elan Medical DermaActives skincare range, which has been developed by Sue Ibrahim. This effective and affordable skin care range contains the highest possible ratio of clinically proven ingredients for excellent results.

How do I book an appointment?

You can either give Elan Medical Skin Clinic a call on 01268 770660 or fill in a Contact Me form via this website.

Why choose Elan Medical Skin Clinic?

Unlike many other beauty and aesthetics clinics, the treatments and solutions at Elan Medical Skin Clinic are based on proven medical techniques. At the helm is Sue Ibrahim, a highly regarded nurse consultant in dermatology, who uses the knowledge she has built up from more than 30 years of working in this field.

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How do I request a consultation?

You can either give Elan Medical Skin Clinic a call on 01268 770660 or fill in the form below and we will get back to you

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Treatment for melasma usually requires a maintenance programme to prevent the return of the condition. Patients will normally require repeat prescriptions every three months.

Treatment list Prices
Initial Dermatology Consultation £150
Prescription Melasma Treatment System From £450
Follow-up Consultations £120
Repeat Prescription charges that do not require a follow-up appointment £49