Fractional skin resurfacing

“I was expecting the procedure to be painful, but there was only a slight discomfort and I was only red for a day or two following treatment. It did take about six to eight weeks before I noticed a difference in my skin, but now it looks amazing.”

Treatment Received: Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Elan Medical Skin Clinic is very proud to be one of only a few clinics in the UK to offer fractional skin resurfacing. At our helm is an award-winning nurse dermatology specialist who insists her medical clinics in central London and Essex only use the latest technology designed to produce long-term results, with minimal downtime.

Sue is a skin expert and as such she is the ideal person to talk to if you have any dermatological conditions or cosmetic concerns you would like to address. Fractional skin resurfacing combined with radio frequency skin tightening can help to improve the texture and quality of your skin to successfully boost the appearance of individual scars and treat acne scarring, deep winkles, stretch marks and other conditions requiring skin tightening.

This impressive microneedling, skin remodelling treatment is particularly successful at improving the elasticity of the skin:

  • around the eyes
  • the cheeks
  • the jowls
  • the neck
  • the stomach
  • the upper arms
  • the inner thighs

Elan Medical Skin Clinic is dedicated to providing the safest, most effective cosmetic treatments on the market, which is why we use the EndyMed 3Deep Intensif Fractional Microneedle Skin Remodelling System.

Throughout the course of the Intensif treatment and for 3-5 months afterwards, the treated skin will be replaced by new, healthy and younger looking skin. The treated skin will become smoother, tighter and more vital. As most of the energy is delivered directly into the inner layer of the skin, you will experience minimal downtime and may resume normal activities immediately after treatment – a considerable advantage over surgical interventions.

What happens next?

If you would like to ask our Medical Director & Nurse Consultant, Sue Ibrahim a message, by all means do. We provide a responsive service that aims to set your mind at ease and ensure you are fully informed before booking your consultation. At Elan Medical Skin Clinics in London and Essex, all new patients receive a thorough consultation and medical assessment prior to treatment.

How do I request a consultation?

You can either give Elan Medical Skin Clinic a call on 01268 770660 between 9.30am and 5pm Monday to Saturday or you can click here to book and pay for your consultations via our online store. One of our reception team will then confirm your appointment by phone or email, whichever you prefer.

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Treatment list Prices
Fractional Skin Resurfacing From £600