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The Collagen Cream Lie – What cosmetic companies do not want you to know


Collagen creams have been around for decades. At the first glance, they seem useful. After all, the skin is made of collagen; so if you put on a cream with collagen, the skin should absorb it and thereby improve. This does not work. Let me give you an analogy. Imagine you live in a brick house and your neighbour is throwing bricks at it. Will your walls become stronger or smoother? Of course not: those bricks will simply lay scattered on the ground. The same happens when you apply a collagen cream. Collagen is a large molecule, it does not penetrate the skin but stays idly on top of it, only to be washed off during your next shower. Traditional collagen creams are not entirely useless because collagen can hold moisture and makes a decent moisturiser. But do not expect these creams to strengthen your skin.
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Love the skin you’re in


Our skin is our largest organ. It has a surface area of around 2 square metres and acts as a waterproof, insulating shield, guarding our bodies against extremes of temperature, damaging sunlight and harmful chemicals.

At Elan Medical Skin Clinics in London and Rayleigh, Essex, we are skin experts. Our medical director, Sue Ibrahim, is a nurse consultant in dermatology with more than 30 years’ experience, so she knows skin!

We would like to warn readers that many of the claims made by cosmetic companies are simply not supported by evidence. Even if they do contain active ingredients, most are unlikely to contain anywhere near the levels required to see results in your skin.

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