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London skin expert uncovers the effects of winter on our skin

Smiling lady in a winter hat - Don't let winter get the better of your skin! Help is at hand from Elan Medical Skin Clinics in central London and Essex

Don’t let winter get the better of your skin! Help is at hand from Elan Medical Skin Clinics in central London and Essex

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, you may have noticed the effects of winter starting to take their toll on your skin. Winter can also be a particularly troublesome time for people who suffer with rosacea.

London nurse consultant in dermatology, Sue Ibrahim, from Elan Medical Skin Clinics in Whitecross Street and Rayleigh, Essex has worked with skin issues for more than 30 years and here she shares her wisdom.

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Is your skin feeling dry and itchy?

Have you noticed over the past week or so that your skin seems drier? You’re not the only one.

Our London and Essex skin expert, Sue Ibrahim talks about this common problem.

The changing weather is likely to be the cause of your drier skin. But why does winter make our skin drier? Well, there’s something in the air. Outside, it’s getting colder, drier and windier while inside, central heating parches the atmosphere, meaning moisture evaporates faster from the skin surface. This significantly lowers the water content of the upper layers of the skin.

But certain internal and environmental conditions can reduce the lipid content between cells, so that water evaporates more easily from the skin surface. A genetic tendency to dry skin, hormonal influences, metabolic diseases (an underactive thyroid gland, say, or diabetes), impaired kidney function and, of course, age all compromise skin lipids. Medication such as Vitamin A acid tablets and drugs that lower cholesterol as well as certain blood pressure lowering drugs won’t help. Neither does an unbalanced diet, excessive weight loss or sadly, increasing age.

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Help! Why does my skin feel itchy & tight?





Over the many years our nurse consultant, Sue Ibrahim, has worked in dermatology one of the most common complaints she hears is “I have very sensitive skin”. When she asks which products they use to wash their face, body and hair with she tends to find there is a common ingredient that features in all of these products, one that is now widely accepted as common cause of skin irritation and dermatitis. This ingredient is called sodium laureth sulphate, commonly referred to as SLS or SLES.

In this month’s blog from Elan Medical Skin Clinic in central London and Rayleigh, Essex, Sue answers some of our clients’ questions:

What is SLS?

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