Is our stem cell cream all it’s cracked up to be?

The Elan Medical Skin Clinic’s DermaRepair Stem Cell Cream
The Elan Medical Skin Clinic’s DermaRepair Stem Cell Cream

Anyone familiar with Elan Medical Skin Clinic in Rayleigh Essex will know that we offer a range of highly effective, non-prescription skin care products.

The Elan Medical DermaActive products have been developed by Sue Ibrahim, a nurse consultant in dermatology, as an effective and affordable skin care range that contains the highest possible ratio of clinically-proven ingredients, delivering results our clients are extremely happy with.

Our products can help with skin problems such as acne, rosacea, eczema, melasma, blemishes, sun damage, dermatitis, psoriasis and sensitive skins, among others. They contain the latest advancements in stem cell regeneration, growth factors and oligopeptides that are designed to strengthen the resilience of the skin and protect the skin from environmental damage.

Our featured product this month is the DermaRepair Stem Cell Cream, a special treatment that revitalises and nourishes ageing and traumatised skin.

This powerful skin rejuvenating cream contains a synergistic blend of peptides, bio-source epidermal growth factors, plant-derived stem cells and a pro-vitamin complex. It has been formulated to boost the stimulation of keratinocyte proliferation, nourishing the epidermis and improving the look of ageing or traumatised skin.

Search for plant stem cell use in facial creams on the internet and you will find a plethora of articles, some claiming miracles and others demanding more research. One thing they all seem to agree on is that the regenerative properties of plants has truly grabbed the interest of dermatology researchers and the cosmetics industry alike.

Our medical director, Sue Ibrahim, says she is looking forward to additional research into plant stem cells and associated biotechnology in this blossoming and exciting area.

“Please rest assured that our products are clinically proven, this is very important to us and especially me, with my medical background,” said Sue.

“One of the key ingredients in our stem cell cream is Centella Asiatica Stem Cells (Gotu Kola) – a rich substance with antioxidant activity higher than that of common natural antioxidant benchmarks. In clinical studies this extract has demonstrated a deep firming activity while improving skin tone and elasticity.”

One of our clients, M Nightingale, gave our stem cell cream 5 stars, saying: ”I was given this cream as part of my aftercare following a procedure at the clinic. It certainly helped reduce the downtime following the procedure.

“I was told to expect around 14 days’ downtime and my skin healed within 7 days! I have purchased another pot on behalf of a friend. I will certainly carry on using my cream for the full 6 weeks as it is very light and soothing.”

Other key ingredients are:

• Bio-placenta provides many benefits, including anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenation, and cell vitalisation.

• Acetyl Tetrapeptide-11 offers improvement of epidermal cohesion in vitro, through skin firmness and elasticity, as well as a refined texture for ageing skin.

• Pentapeptide-18 targets in vitro the wrinkle-formation mechanism of expression wrinkles.

• Multi vitamins A, C and E.

• Jasminoides Meristem Cell Culture (Gardenia Stem Cells) – gardenia jasminoides stems strongly inhibit collagenase by limiting collagen degradation and preventing skin damage and firmness loss.

“None of our products contain fragrances or preservatives, the most common causes of skin sensitivity. None of the products have been tested on animals and each active ingredient has been selected to produce results. Please feel free to contact us if you require any support or guidance in using these products,” added Sue.

All of our products can be ordered directly from our website and are shipped promptly.