Fillers – enjoy luscious lips that look natural thanks to our London filler expert

Lip fillers from Elan Medical Skin Clinic in central London restore appearances

Lip fillers from Elan Medical Skin Clinic in central London restore appearances

As we age, the definition and fullness of our lips begins to diminish but this can be replaced with lip fillers. Loss of lip volume is a completely natural part of the ageing process can leave us feeling underwhelmed with our appearance. But there are options for revitalising our look, says Sue Ibrahim, the central London skin expert from Elan Medical Skin Clinic in Whitecross Street.

In order to avoid the fake-looking trout pout, Sue often combines lip fillers with botulinum toxin to create a more natural outcome. Sue’s aim is to enhance your natural beauty subtly so that everyone will think you look great but they won’t be able to pinpoint exactly why.

Nurse specialist in dermatology

As a nurse specialist, Sue Ibrahim has almost 20 years’ experience of lip filling treatments. She was one of the first practitioners to use Juvederm Volbella, the only hyaluronic acid-based lip filler that is proven to last over twelve months in the skin. Elan Medical Skin Clinics also uses Restylane, another well-respected brand in the facial rejuvenation industry.

Sue trains and mentors doctors and nurses working in the field of aesthetics and is a respected senior member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses. She also runs the Elan Medical Academy, offering training, mentorship and support to nurses and doctors working in medical aesthetics, and is on the Safetyinbeauty advisory board. Her expertise is often called upon to help reverse botched facial aesthetic treatments, making her an excellent choice for lip fillers in central London.

Masters of dermal fillers have an exceptional knowledge of the skin. Sue Ibrahim is an award-winning nurse consultant in dermatology with more than 30 years’ experience in working with the skin. With her guidance and knowledge you can expect positively transformational results.

Elan Medical Skin Clinics are based in central London and Rayleigh, Essex. For more information about dermal fillers for lips, or to book a cosmetic consultation, please contact us.