Essex skin expert explains how to stay safe in the sun

With the temperature hitting highs of 35 degrees in central London and Essex this week, it’s time to get out and enjoy this illusive summer sunshine but please stay safe.

Some sunshine is good for us and helps our bodies create vitamin D, not to mention the wellbeing and feel good factors it

Woman stays safe in the sun thanks to advice from Elan Medical Skin expert, Sue Ibrahim

Woman stays safe in the sun thanks to advice from Elan Medical Skin expert, Sue Ibrahim

induces. Essex skin expert, Sue Ibrahim at Elan Medical Skin Clinic says the best way to enjoy the sunshine safely is to use a daily, broad spectrum sunscreen of factor 30 + and remember to apply it frequently and liberally thoroughly the day.

The term broad spectrum means that the skin is equally protected against both UVA and UVB sunrays. UVA is associated with skin ageing and UVB is responsible for sunburn and has strong links to skin cancer. Sunscreen with a high SPF (sun protection factor) will help block UVB rays and prevent the skin from burning, and by extension, damage that can cause skin cancer.

Years ago if you wanted a high factor sunscreen you would end up putting a gloopy, greasy cream on your face and body that would not rub in well and you would end up with a ghostly white face.

Elan Medical Skin Clinic stocks a number of broad spectrum sunscreens at an SPF 50 that are light, easy to apply that feel more like a BB cream than a sunscreen. Some are fragrance free, paraben free and oil free so they can be used on the most sensitive of skins. Some are even suitable for acne prone skins. We also stock sunscreens that are slightly tinted, leaving your skin with a natural sun kissed glow. And with prices from £15 it is not expensive to protect your skin. Our sunscreens are available to buy at our Elan Medical SKin Clinics in Rayleigh and central London.

To complement our range of high quality, low cost sunscreens, Elan Medical DermaActives also produces a pressed mineral foundation in a wide range of shades that also provides extra sun protection.

But don’t just take our word for it – read some client reviews on our BB sunscreen and mineral foundation on the Elan Medical Skin Clinic Facebook page.

Help sheet

There’s a fabulous factsheet available on the British Association of Dermatologists’ website – click here to have a read.

Please heed the following advice from the British Association of Dermatologists: “Studies have found that most people apply less than half of the amount of sunscreen required to provide the level of protection indicated on the packaging. Areas such as the back and sides of the neck, temples and ears are commonly missed, so you need to apply it generously and be careful not to miss patches.”