Beach bodies at the ready

bikini_rockThe drinks are chilling, the BBQ is scrubbed and ready for action, perhaps you’ve even got a music festival or two to look forward to. Now there’s just the small task of getting your body fit for the big reveal…

Get the strimmer out

If you have left things to grow wild over the winter and now need to get the strimmer out to tidy up the jungle down there, the skin experts at Elan Medical Skin Clinics in Essex and central London can help. We offer painless laser hair removal for all skin types, colours and hair types.

Stay hydrated

What would you rather resemble, a grape or a raisin? Hydrate your skin with plenty of water to help flush out toxins and keep your brain sharp.

Vitamin boost

With so much wonderful fresh fruit and veg now at its delicious best, make the most of it and eat healthily. Your body and skin will thank you for it.

Ice & a slice?

Who can resist a cheeky Pimm’s on a sunny day? Alcohol is dehydrating, so make sure you intersperse the alcoholic drinks with soft ones to help keep your fluid levels topped up. Hangovers are never a good look and can play havoc with your skin and eyes.

Smooth lines

When we look good, we feel good. Smoothing lines and wrinkles with facial aesthetics and dermal fillers at Elan Medical London and Essex can boost your confidence and help you look like the person you feel on the inside.

Sculpt & lift

Our Endymed Intensif fractional skin rejuvenation with 3Deep Radiofrequency helps to contour and tighten the skin around your stomach and inner thighs.

Slip, slop, slap

Prevent skin cancer and premature ageing by slapping on a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30+ every day. Our DermaProtect Day Cream is a daily moisturiser with SPF 30.

Make like Marylin

Big sunglasses are fabulous in so many ways. They stop you from creasing your eyes up in the sunshine and so help reduce lines and wrinkles. They protect your face and eyes from harmful UV rays… and they let your eyes roam freely around the pool without anyone being any the wiser!