Mole & cyst removal

Excellent results of mole removal treatment. Healed within 2 weeks and have only a faint pink mark, which will fade in time. I’m so so pleased! I can’t praise them enough. Thank you.”

Treatment Received: Mole Removal

Please visit our Reviews page to see how this dermatological procedure - more than any other - has changed the lives of so many of our clients. Our award-winning nurse consultant, Sue Ibrahim has honed her skills over the last 30 years to achieve incredible results when removing moles and cysts.

Sue knows and understands skin - this is her area of expertise. Moles, cysts, warts, fibromas and large skin tags can be removed quickly and painlessly at one of our daily minor surgery clinics in Rayleigh, Essex.

Using the latest advanced radio-wave technology, the procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and takes fifteen to twenty minutes. No stitches are required and It is normally possible to return to work immediately following the procedure.

The wound will normally heal within two to four weeks, leaving a blemish that gradually blends into the normal skin colour over time. Cosmetic radio wave surgery is usually a one-off procedure, although some lesions may require a revision treatment.

Not all skin lesions are suitable for removal using radio-wave surgery. Some may need to be removed surgically with stitches and sent for laboratory investigation.

During your minor surgery consultation you will be informed which method of removal is right for your skin lesion. It is our aim that you will be provided with all the information you need in order to make the choice that is right for you but patients must accept that while some lesions can be removed without leaving a scar, no method of skin lesion removal is completely free from the risks of scarring.

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What happens next?

If you would like to ask our Medical Director & Nurse Consultant, Sue Ibrahim a message, by all means do. We provide a responsive service that aims to set your mind at ease and ensure you are fully informed before booking your consultation. At Elan Medical Skin Clinic in Essex, all new patients receive a thorough consultation and medical assessment prior to treatment.

How do I book an appointment?

You can either call Elan Medical Skin Clinic on 01268 770660 between 9.30am and 5pm Monday to Saturday or you can book your Mole or Cyst removal appointment in Essex by going to our online booking form and one of our reception team will contact you by phone or email, whichever you prefer. You will be asked to pay your initial consultation fee by credit or debit card on confirming your appointment.

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Prices are subject to sight of the skin lesion and will be confirmed in consultation. Multiple skin lesion can be removed at the same minor surgery treatment session. Prices on enquiry.

Treatment list Prices
Minor surgery consultation fee £95
Wart removal using cryotherapy from £120
Skin tag removal using radiowave surgery or plasma surgery from £120
Cosmetic radiowave surgery (moles & dermal naevi) from £295
Xanthoma removal (per eye) using radiowave or plasma surgery from £350
Cyst removal from £395
Skin biopsy including histology £550
Lipoma removal from £500
Surgical scar revision from £600
Ear lobe repair from £450