Elan’s medical director to take a well-deserved short break

Medical director Sue Ibrahim has been working 12-hour days at Essex’s Elan Medical Skin Clinic during the pandemic while our team has been furloughed.

She has turned her hand to all aspects of the business, from reception duties, packaging and posting out deliveries, to answering email queries, posting extra updates and videos on social media to keep everyone informed of the latest developments, as well as undertaking virtual and face-to-face consultations over extended hours during lockdown.

As our loyal clients already know, Sue and Terry often go to Turkey around this time of year because it is generally quieter. After much deliberation, she has decided to take off her PPE for a moment and take a well-deserved break – well hopefully! (Who knows what might happen – just look at how quickly the situation changed with Spain)

If all goes as planned, Sue’s last day in clinic will be Tuesday August 25th and her appointments will resume again on Tuesday September 15th.

URGENT: Repeat prescriptions

If you are likely to run out of your prescription medication before mid September, please contact Sue immediately for a repeat prescription.

Contacting Elan Medical Skin Clinic

Reception will not be staffed during this time but if you need to get hold of Sue urgently, please email her at info@elan-medical-clinic.co.uk and she will get back to you while she’s away.

Deliveries of Elan DermaActive skin care

The warehouse will be closed between August 26th and September 14th inclusive. Any orders placed during this time will be delivered from September 15th onwards. So, don’t go short – please order your DermaActives skin care products now and make the most of the extended FREE delivery offer!

Thank you for your loyalty

We are so grateful to our brilliant clients for their loyalty during this difficult time and we hope you all continue to stay well, healthy and positive.