London skin expert offers £20 voucher!

A graphic of Elan Medical Skin Clinics' skin and wrinkle assessment

Fill in Elan Medical Skin Clinics’ skin and wrinkle assessment and enjoy a £20 voucher for DermaActives skin care range

Take Elan Medical Skin Clinic’s brand new ‘Skin and Wrinkle Assessment’ and you’ll receive a £20 voucher towards Elan’s DermaActives skin care range. What’s not to love?!

The skin and wrinkle questionnaire helps you discover your skin’s true potential and asks a series of questions to find the right treatment for your skin.

By telling the London skin experts at Elan Medical Skin Clinics in central London and Rayleigh, Essex what type of skin you have, its condition and the areas of your face (if any) that you are unhappy with, we will provide instant results that include:

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