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Eye Rejuvenation Treatments in Essex

The skin around the eye area is very delicate and much thinner than in other areas of the face, especially under the eyes. As we age the skin becomes even thinner and supporting structures around our eyes change and this Periorbital (around the eye) area is a very common concern for many patients.

Eye Rejuvenation

Eye Rejuvenation is a common area of concern for some women

At Elan Medical Skin Clinic, Sue Ibrahim often recommends a combination of treatments to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.

Skin Fillers can be used to fill out treat troughs, hollows underneath the eye. This is a specialist treatment that Sue Ibrahim has a lot of experience in.

Mesotherapy delivers essential nutrients into the skin, including Hyaluronic Acid. These nutrients help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Within weeks, you will notice an improvement in the elasticity of the skin in the under eye area. The skin will look and feel less fragile. The skin will brighten in appearance.

Endymed 3 Deep treatment also helps to firm the elasticity of the skin around the eyes and is often recommended for patients who are not suitable for skin fillers or mesotherapy.

Plasma Soft Surgery is recommended for women that have loose skin around the eye area, who do not wish to go down the surgical route. This treatment is suitable for the eyelids.

Plasma soft surgery can be used alongside other treatments at Elan Medical Skin Clinic

Our EndyBleph Fractional Skin Rejuvenation is also a popular choice of treatment for those who require skin tightening around the eye area.

Why Choose Elan Medical Skin Clinic?

Our lead practitioner, Sue Ibrahim, has over 30 years experience in dermatology. For the past 18 years, she has specialised in cosmetic dermatology. And, because Elan Medical Skin Clinic is a fully registered medical clinic, you can rest assured that your eyes and face will be in a safe pair of hands.

How much does treatment cost?

Becuase everyone has slightly different concerns, your first step in to book Free Consultation with Sue Ibrahim. She will be able to discuss with you which combination of treatments will suit both your budget and your expectations. Why not take a look at what our clients are currently saying about us on our Live Review Page.

It’s All About The Eyes

Do you suffer from tired eyes, dark circles or crepey, dehydrated eyelid skin? Many of the women that come in to see us for a skin consultation say that it is around the eyes that concern them the most.

Tear Trough Filler

It’s all about the eyes.

Under eye dark circles and crepey dehydrated eyelid  skin

Some patients presenting with dark circles or a loss of volume in the area below the eye have thin, sun damaged eyelid skin, rather than a deep volume loss. At Elan Medical Skin Clinic, we often recommend a course of Eye Booster Treatments, to hydra rejuvenate the thin eyelid skin, which pumps the lower eyelid to improve the apparent ‘tear trough’. An eye booster treatment helps to rejuvenate the thin lower eyelid skin, which can worsen the illusion of under-eye shadows.

Tear Trough Fillers. What to expect….

The tear trough is the area between your cheek and lower eyelid. As we age, we lose volume in this area, sometimes causing under-eye dark circles to appear. An effective tear trough treatment, performed by highly skilled doctors and nurses, can restore the lost volume, reducing the appearance of dark circles.

The injections are usually painless, after suitable topical anaesthesia for 15 minutes. When treating the skin under the eyes, tiny amounts of filler are injected using a very fine needle or cannula. It is normal for the eyes to look swollen and bruised for 3-7 following treatment, but we can recommend products that can cover this up and most people are able to resume their daily routine straight away. The full results of treatment can be seen over 1-4 weeks following treatment.

As the fillers we use are bio-degradable, the fillers will break down over time, which means that repeat treatments are normally required every 6-12 months.

Potential temporary side effects of our Eye Booster Treatment

  • Bruising and redness of the skin at the site of the injection
  • Swelling and Lumpiness
  • Allergic reaction

Tear Trough Filler Cost

Prices are a guide, we will calculate your treatment during your consultation

  • Eye Boost from £450

Why visit Elan Medical Skin Clinic for this procedure:

Our nurse consultant has almost 20 years’ experience of injecting skin fillers. Using advanced injection techniques, most clients report that treatments with Sue Ibrahim are quick, painless and produce instant results. As an expert in her field, Sue will carefully consider your facial structure and profile to naturally enhance your appearance. Read what our clients are currently saying about their treatments at Elan Medical Skin Clinic

If you would like to ask our Medical Director & Nurse Consultant, Sue Ibrahim a message, by all means do. We provide a responsive service that aims to set your mind at ease and ensure you are fully informed before booking your consultation. At Elan Medical Skin Clinic in Essex, all new patients receive a thorough consultation and medical assessment prior to treatment.

How do I request a consultation?

You can either give Elan Medical Skin Clinic a call on 01268 770660 between 9.30am and 5pm Monday to Saturday or you can click here to book and pay for your consultations via our online store. One of our reception team will then confirm your appointment by phone or email, whichever you prefer.