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All I want for Christmas is great skin…

The CHRISTMAS PARTY season is literally upon us, but with that comes the bitter cold, long nights, windswept hair and dull skin.

Sound familiar?

Well, fear not, because we’ve collected a list of the top tips to keen your skin in tip top condition this winter.

All I want for Christmas is great skin!

As told by UK’s leading skin guru – Sue Ibrahim – who has worked with many celebrity faces.

Sue promises to keep your skin looking as good as the A-listers’ over the Christmas period.

Here are her 8 steps to party proof skin:

1. According to Sue Ibrahim the most crucial thing you must do is simply wash your face

He says: “First and foremost if you are going out at night you need to have a good face wash. When you wash your face the most important thing is getting rid of the dead skin cells as well as the pollution.

“The product needs to suit your skin type; so if you have oily skin then make sure you have a product that is for oily skin. It is simple things like this that we’re getting wrong when buying our skin care products.”

2. Swap the Baileys for a glass of water once in a while – hard we know!

Sue says: “Little things like drinking two glasses of water for every unit of alcohol you consume to keep your skin hydrated and healthy looking is very important.”

“It also encourages the build up of collagen in your skin that gives your skin a more plump and dewy looking glow.”

3. Turn the heating down and wrap up

Surprised? Sue explains: “Over-using the central heating and blaring the heat around your home is just drying out your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin, it can make your skin sore and itchy.

“So to counter-act this we need to stop turning on the heat full blast and enjoy wrapping up warm and cozying up in blankets instead.

“However if you are going to use the central heating it is ideal to put a bowel of water in the room so the air gets a little moist as well.”

4. Sue is convinced these 3 things will keep your skin glowing

“Get plenty of sleep, always wear SPF no matter what time of the year it is and don’t smoke!” she says.

5. The number one party-proofing product?

For Lee it’s all in the regime, he says: “With skincare you can’t just use one item you need to have a proper skin regime.”

6. But how do you prevent getting bad skin?

Sue says: “Not putting too much make-up on – people don’t tend to give their skin chance to breath.

“It will also reveal wrinkles if you wear heavy make up. Try an mineral foundation instead”

7. And what’s the biggest skincare myth floating around?

According to Sue Ibrahim, it’s the following: “The biggest skin myth at the moment is that you only need to wear SPF in the summer.

“This just isn’t true. You must wear it everyday all year round.”

8. Who has the best skin in the celebrity world?

In Sue’s opinion it’s the one and only Meghan Markle, she says: “Meghan Markle – when I look at her she always appears un-sun damaged and she has a very natural tone and she is not overly worked on.

“She also wears neutral make-up and has great strong features.”

Essex skin expert explains how to stay safe in the sun

With the temperature hitting highs of 35 degrees in central London and Essex this week, it’s time to get out and enjoy this illusive summer sunshine but please stay safe.

Some sunshine is good for us and helps our bodies create vitamin D, not to mention the wellbeing and feel good factors it

Woman stays safe in the sun thanks to advice from Elan Medical Skin expert, Sue Ibrahim

Woman stays safe in the sun thanks to advice from Elan Medical Skin expert, Sue Ibrahim

induces. Essex skin expert, Sue Ibrahim at Elan Medical Skin Clinic says the best way to enjoy the sunshine safely is to use a daily, broad spectrum sunscreen of factor 30 + and remember to apply it frequently and liberally thoroughly the day.

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“The BB cream is perfectly coloured to give my skin a healthy glow”

Thanks for this great review of a product in our DermaActives range Vikki!, from Sue Ibrahim, nurse consultant in dermatology at Elan

DermaActives BB cream created by Sue Ibrahim at Elan Medical Skin Clinics Essex and central London

DermaActives BB cream created by Sue Ibrahim at Elan Medical Skin Clinics Essex and central London

Medical Skin Clinic, Essex and central London.

“I bought the DermaActives BB Cream in the hope it would even out my complexion and give my face a smooth, uniform finish. I have fair skin and tend to be quite ruddy in my cheeks. I also suffer frequently with a dry forehead so when I use foundation, it cracks and looks unsightly. Instead of the foundation creating a smooth and balanced look it actually highlights the imperfections and makes my skin appear scaly.

The BB cream has a lovely creamy texture that feels like velvet when applied to my face. It comes in two shades, light and medium. I have fair skin so I chose the light and it is perfectly coloured to give my skin a healthy glow without appearing artificial.

BB Cream contains a moisturiser and is SPF 26, both of which are hugely important and beneficial to me. The moisturising aspect means that the problems I have with foundations highlighting my dry skin are overcome and the sun protection is always welcome as my fair skin is prone to sun damage and I am very conscious of protecting it at all times.

I use the cream every day because it makes my complexion look healthy and smooth and like all of us, when we look good, we feel confident. I only need to apply a small amount because it goes a long way. Whilst the initial outlay may seem pricey the product lasts a long time and represents great value.

The fact that the BB Cream is also paraben, fragrance and oil free is obviously a bonus for anyone who has concerns about the content of most cosmetic products or who has sensitive skin.

I would highly recommend BB Cream to anyone who wants a flawless complexion with the added moisturising and sun protection benefits.”